Mr Trevor Oldfield is thrilled to see the Chesterfield Carnival being marched back home after 25 years. Trevor, the original founder of the event, told of many memories he holds from the countless years he organised what became a much loved locally anticipated annual celebration. Whilst sorting through original photographs and news clippings his extraordinary ability to recall minute detail for each highlighted further his genuine passion for the Chesterfield Carnival. When asked about his fondest memory it was clear that he loved them all, he stated; ‘My family grew up with the Chesterfield Carnival and the show band (Chesterfield Musketeers). It was a part of me, a part of the family, it was a key feature to all in the community. The most important thing now is that we are bringing it home and I know from the response we have had that the area is as excited as I am about it.’

Chesterfield Musketeers who are still an active part of the carnival world and too the show band circuit have committed themselves to marching this event right on back to the very place they left it 25 years ago. The original members of the band who remain speak fondly of their times performing at the heart of their community. Chesterfield Musketeers still carries the same show band blood as it did all those years ago. Mr Kevin Oldfield (son of Trevor Oldfield), despite getting slightly larger remains just the same as he was back then; almost! Kevin has agreed to share some of the gossip and scandal from back in the day which will be shared right here. Keep your eyes peeled for these shared memories.

During a meeting with Mr King of Friends of Stand Road Park it can be revealed that the Chesterfield Carnival has now confirmed the different areas of the huge park area. The excellent facilities of the pavilion will be open on the day so be sure to call in for what I am assured is ‘the best cuppa and cake’ this side of the green!

There is a rumour on the street that there is to be a musical first for Chesterfield unveiled in the near future and all in support of the Chesterfield Carnival. Word has it that there are rumblings of excitement stretching for miles with many sworn to secrecy throughout the music, arts and entertainment world.

The arts and crafts area is now confirmed to be able to hold the numerous workshops it so desired to make available. The sponsorship from Spire Marquees and the Britannia Public House has allowed for a huge marquee to be used to host a vast array of arts and crafts. Alongside this there will be workshops running throughout organised by Straight Curves Crafts. Straight Curves Crafts have an excellent reputation for their exquisite ability to work with others to guide and develop their creativity. More details of how to book for these workshops will be released in due time.